I’m Sam, a Virtual Assistant in Michigan

I’m a wife and a momma to a very active boy that made me realize there’s more to life than just a regular 9-5 that doesn’t truly impact the world.  After watching my husband be co-owner of a few businesses, I realized very quickly that the entrepreneur lifestyle is not for everyone, and doing it all by yourself leaves little room in life for anything else.

After working in customer service my entire career and learning to juggle many responsibilities as an assistant store manager, I thought I had found my bliss in working from home as an accounting specialist.  But, the desire to help other businesses get organized and grow has led to my shift in starting my own business to do just that.

Fun Facts About Me


Leggings and coffee are a must

If you were to ever catch a glimpse of me in my office, you would be bound to see me in leggings with a mug close by.  I have to be comfortable!


I have never been camping

I have slept in a tent one time in a friend’s yard but that’s it!  I’m more of a glamping kind of girl, I require air and electricity.  Who’s with me?!


I read every night before bed

Call me a nerd but I loved reading as a kid and I’ve gotten back into the habit the past few years.  If you have a book to recommend, I would love to hear it!

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